Saat&Saat - #BirDokunuş

One touch of our mothers is all it takes to feel happiness, joy, excitement, trust, love and many other emotions. That's why we don't see any mothers in this movie. Because we don't necessarily need to see them to feel them. We watch the big differences mothers make in our life with their little touches.
Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers.

Agency: THEBADGUYS, Istanbul, Turkey

Client: Saat&Saat

Client Team: Ayşem Suner, Seda Okay, Miray Akın Şelale

Creative Director: Duha Keleşoğlu

Art Director: Merve Keleşoğlu

Art Director: Semih Keleşoğlu

Account Manager: Cemre Korkmaz

Voice: Erkan Yavaş

Mix & Mastering: İmaj Seslendirme