Banko Burger - Banko at Home

When the coronavirus affected the whole world, we all had to stay in our homes for a while. But there had to be
a way to get what we missed when we were at home. At this point, Banko Burger introduced its "Washable Burger" product. He prepared his missed burgers together with their recipes in vacuumed packages and delivered them to the customers who stayed at home. Everyone who ordered from Banko Burger during the pandemic period became the chef of their own home and reached the flavor they missed. Anyone who still wishes can turn their home into a Banko Burger shop by ordering vacuum packs.

Brand: Banko Burger

Client Team: Bora Bozankaya, Murat Köroğlu

Account Director: Ceren Gül

Creative Director: Duha Keleşoğlu

Art Director: Merve Keleşoğlu, Semih Keleşoğlu